CYCM is a Christian, nonprofit, inter-denominational youth organization, working with local churches, charities, and families to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to the youth of this community. The youth center offers a safe place for local teens to hang out, play games, learn about Jesus, and receive guidance in everyday life.  


CYCM is mostly staffed with volunteers who are committed to helping our local youth come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ. The youth center also strives to mentor them in practical ways that will prepare them for the future. This work is accomplished in many ways, including  Biblically centered teaching, tutoring, discipleship, creative arts, community service, and working to plug teens and their families in with the local church.




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Tuesday Nights

CYCM's Main ministry nights are on Tuesday (6:30-8:30 PM)

Our Tuesday night's (during the school year) involve a lot of games, food, and time to hang out with friends. We conclude the evening with a Bible message for the Youth.  We do programs for high school students as well as junior high students.

Other Ministries

AlEtheia Creative Arts Ministry

Aletheia is Greek word for Truth. We are a troupe of young artists, actors, writers, and musicians that are dedicated to convey the truth about the difficult issues teens face every day, and to boldly point them to the truth about our savior Jesus Christ to all those we minister to. Many participants involved with the creative arts team are also involved with IDP. Because of this we can use the arts in a powerful way to reach people for Christ.  

We meet on Monday afternoons from 4:00 to 6:00. Both Jr. High and High school students are welcomed to be a part of this.

We use this ministry for our local mission trips and our Tuesday night program at CYCM. We are also taking this ministry on the road to local churches and nursing homes to perform skits and share testimonies. 


Identity Project (IDP)

The Identity Project is the core ministry at CYCM. As our ministry grows and young people come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior, we see that these new believers are in need of discipleship and to be plugged into the local church. 

This ministry’s focus is on three main aspects:

1.Monday evening meeting: Here we focus on biblical teaching that instructs the students about what it means to be a disciple of Christ. This environment will encourage IDP students to ask questions and grow in their understanding of God. During this time we also foster a Christ centered community and instill Christian values in the hearts of the students. Part of the requirements for the IDP students is to be either a part of a church fellowship, or in the process of finding a church to grow in.

2.One-on-one Discipleship: This time is meant for the teen to reflect on their week with an IDP leader holding them accountable to their time in reading the Bible and to their personal walk with the Lord. Here the leader will spend time mostly listening and praying for the student, and showing them by example how to live as a Christ follower.

3.Evangelism and Outreach: This critical aspect to the ministry allows the teen act as a disciple of Christ in reaching out to others in service and in Love. As well as, proclaiming the Gospel to people. During these outreaches we look to serve businesses, families, institutions, and the church.

Tutoring Program

The tutoring program is our latest ministry at CYCM. We are dedicated not only to biblical teaching, but also to ensure our students are getting the help they need for their middle school and high School education. Our tutors are certified teachers with the state of Illinois and are committed to work with students on Tuesdays from 4-6pm. This service is free of charge and a wonderful opportunity for the students of CYCM to get ahead in their schooling.